Center For Disease Control and Prevention

South Carolina Department Of Health and Environmental Control

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Hello family!

We are not afraid or fearful of the current situation and want to use wisdom in doing our part to reduce the potential spread of the virus to those persons that are at higher risk to the effects of contracting it.

During this time of mitigation of the virus, we will not gather for service as normal. This is not a cancellation of our service, because of technology we will gather through online methods to celebrate Jesus together and encourage each other.

Our Sunday service will start at the regular time of 10 AM. In order to attend the service you can click the link on the home page or you can click this link:

You can stay in your pajamas. It's okay if you're having a bad hair day. Gather the family and/or your pets, and watch and celebrate Jesus!

If you cannot make it to the service, remember to go to the YouTube page to hear the message

If you have any questions, please contact the Church via phone (864) 757-2567 or text (864) 920-0100 or Email