Doomed To Repeat

8/23/2020 -

This series reviews the story of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and their journey through the desert into the promised land. ‘Doomed to Repeat’ provides a unique vantage point on the ups and downs of Israel’s journey. This journey through redemptive history examines God’s faithfulness to us despite our weaknesses, as well as the charge he gives us to live righteously for his name.

In This Series

  1. Doomed To Repeat 1 - The Beginning
  2. Doomed to Repeat 2 - Choices
  3. Doomed To Repeat 3 The Proof Is In The Test
  4. Doomed To Repeat 4 Decisions Have Results
  5. Doomed To Repeat 5 The Look Of Love
  6. Doomed To Repeat 6 Follow The Leader